Web and Logo Design


The Background

Maggie Adams (EMS Financial) was starting a new venture and asked me to help bring her new logo and website to life. of course I said YES!  In 2018, Maggie was approached by a colleague and asked to I officiate her wedding.  The colleague and her partner liked Maggie’s speaking style. She couldn’t have been more thrilled. She obtained an ordination as a minister through the Universal Life Church, registered with their state, and happily officiated their lovely backyard ceremony. Before she knew it, the word spread among family and friends, and she was able to unite several couples in marriage.

Married by Maggie was born!

  • Branding

  • Logo

  • Web Page Layouts

The Logo

We started with the logo. There’s some essential brand values we explore in that process and it meant that Maggie could work on her website content while I worked on a number of concepts. We wanted to logo to convey the joy of getting married, the celebration, but also Maggie’s warmth, her intention to ease the stress of wedding planning and her support of all couples as they embark on a new life together.

The new logo achieves this with color, fizz and a handwritten type face for warmth and approachability.  (And yes, rings, but our intention was to convey the uniting of two spheres, rather than something overtly suggesting wedding bands). She loves the design and I do too. Maggie is such a joy to work with!

Web Layouts and Results!

Finally, we dug into the website. We built in a WordPress platform and created an outdoor, garden wedding feel throughout. We kept page count low, showcased Maggie, her background, warmth, intentions and skills. We included simple packages to help visitors understand how to work with Maggie. We aimed for images and designs that were vibrant, joyful and human. I am especially fond of the fizzy bubbles and hearts carried over from the logo and into some of the containers. Everything came together seamlessly! I’m thrilled and so is Maggie.