Awaken to Inspiration

An Invitation to Change Your Reality

The background

I was so thrilled to work on this landing page with Nick and his business partners. After coaching with Nick for a few months, I understood first hand the power of his work. I also understand how transformational retreats like the one on offer can be.  We needed to create a landing page that conveyed the majesty and inspiration of the location and the power of the offering to reconnect individuals with nature and a deeper sense of self. And we had to do it in under a week. Phew!

I knew this team could get it done. I asked Sharif Campbell or BuildReal215 to join the project as developer. This let me focus on art direction while supporting Nick and team with their content development and keeping us on track for a timely page launch, knowing Sharif would handle the page build with ease.

Its marvelous to work with a client who actively participates and trusts in the co-creation process. The timing and results were magical!

  • Art Direction

  • Web Design Services

  • Custom Graphcs

The Results

I have so much excitement about this page and this offering.  We came up with a custom art treatment for the photos, so it felt distinctive from each of the program guide’s individual brands. We used a combination of personal photos from the guides and images of Arizona, that helped convey the beauty of the location and through that, the power to create transformation.

If you are curious about how you can create deeper connections and live a life of freedom and adventure be sure to follow @therealnickdevlin.

Barbara has a magnetic energy of creation. This came through during our process and made the whole experience really playful and exciting. Her confidence comes through (both in her personality and in her tools)  which helped me feel like what I was attempting was totally possible.

“The results are amazing! So psyched. You’re literally helping a multi year dream come true in a bigger way.”