Since starting my own business, I have had so much to be grateful for. So many people have shared advice and insights, been generous with their time and wisdom, and straight-up given me stuff that I needed (whether I knew it at the time or not). I’m grateful to all the clients who have trusted me with their brands, for all the awesome and challenging projects I’ve gotten to work on and for the incredible partnerships that result.

The Gratitude Project is how I pay it forward with purpose.

Every year I take on a small number of projects at no or drastically reduced costs. These are projects where the organization is doing good work but doesn’t have much budget, or where a person is bouncing back from something and maybe needs a boost. I love helping, and I love knowing that my work and experience are supporting more good works.

Amazing things happen when I work on Gratitude Projects. I get to work with incredible people. I’ve turned out some of my best work. I’ve gotten to practice skills I might have been afraid to try elsewhere. There’s an openness in these relationships that fuel creativity. These projects light up my heart and mind.

When something is worth doing, I choose to do it. The Gratitude Project is an active choice to make a difference.