Ignite Education, Transform Lives

Empowering South Sudanese Refugees through Agile Learning Centers

The Background

Mansuk Milton, a refugee living in Uganda and South Sudan 2022 Community Solutions Program Fellow, supported by the U.S. Department of State, earnestly seeks your generous support to bring hope and transformation to the lives of these individuals.

Mansuk, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of  Yenet, which means “hope” in his heart language, dreams of establishing Agile Learning Centers in the
Bidibidi Refugee Settlement. Currently, this settlement houses more than 250,000 individuals and families who have fled violence and instability. Unfortunately,
the lack of educational opportunities within the settlement presents a significant obstacle to the future prospects of these children. Their potential remains
untapped, their dreams unrealized, and their path to a better future uncertain.

Some mutual friends reached out to me to help support this project and fundraising efforts through the creation of a simple brand and materials to educate potential donors.

  • Logo Design

  • Color Definition

  • Document Layout

The New Logo & Materials

We did a rapid fire round of logo concepts  and landed on the current golden globe that feels like a rising sun and its reflection, which we intend to embody the hope and potential of those being served by Yenet.

The documents tell the story through a simple set of visuals with a painterly tone and variations of the logo coloring.  We also did a few quick graphics to support social media efforts.