Travel Blog and Low Cost Logo


The Story

I loved working on this travel blog for the SV Kiriko crew.  It documents travels around the Chesapeake and the refurbishment of the boat in preparation for full time sailing in the future. The site includes a lot of my own photography (how lucky am I?) as I got to experience the joy of sailing first hand. There may be a boat in my future.

He needed a quickie identifying mark after buying a new boat, so I licensed a beautiful stock piece, made some additions and modifications and added it to the site to keep it within my client’s budget.

Recent additions include adding his Instagram and You Tube feeds. It’s always an adventure!

  • Web Design Services

  • Custom Photography

  • Branding


The Sv Kirkio crew were thrilled with the resulting logo and website. The brand now appears on flags, tee shirts and will be coming soon on even more swag (because all sailors aka pirates love swag). The integration of Instagram and YouTube helps consolidate social media efforts so they can focus on sailing!

Stop by, check them out and give them a little love on Patreon!

PS Will work for more boat rides.