[/vc_column][/vc_row] The Brief Aperture had a great existing logo. They just need help extending their brand into other materials like business cards, PowerPoint, the web, event invites and social media.  They wanted to be a bit more playful in [...]



Steve came to me with his healthcare start up without even a name, but with a great idea and a lot of industry connections. We did research into competitors, identified where he wanted to be active and came up with the company name to bridge his expertise with urgent care centers and emerging [...]




Virtual Regulatory Solutions was my first full design client, just as I was finishing up design school. Kind of ideal to get a full logo and brand work up right out of the gate.  They needed an identity that reflected their relationship to the scientific and pharmaceutical community and showcased [...]

Inner Zen


Inner Zen creates handmade candles and scented lotions. They needed a series of designs that tied in earth, air, fire and water elements according to scent lines and yet still hang together as a whole.  I put together color palettes and patterns that represented each scent, tied to each elemental line. Inner [...]