Renewal Community Church


Round 1 logo concepts
Round 2 logo concepts


The great folks from Renewal Community Church in Pottstown reached out to me to create a fresh new and inspirational logo for their new community church.  They wanted something that wasn’t your typical out of the box church logo but still conveyed the hopefulness of their mission and message.

We worked through a number of concepts and variations. It was a true collaboration. Although I am always a tiny bit sad to leave some concepts on the cutting room floor, I love the place we landed.

  • Logo Design

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Color


Our final concept combines elements of transformation, light and is suggestive of stained glass without being too obvious.

The client was so happy with the result, which makes me happy too.  They were a delight to work with.  The result is fresh and tells the right story for their church.

It was a great experience. I appreciate Barbara’s creativity, style, thoughtfulness, willingness to reiterate ideas, and patience. I really like how the logo turned out. It is creative, unique, and different.

Will Turner, Renewal Community Church