NNIT – Brand Frameworks


The Background

I was approached by a former client who had recently started a new position with NNIT. She needed some whitepapers for an event laid out quickly and to line up seamlessly with the existing NNIT brand. Luckily, this is one of my super designer powers. NNIT has a well documented brand and was able to provide me with the resources I needed to get started quickly. My former client needed a fast, reliable design resource for her US based team. That person was me!

  • Typography & Print Design

  • Layouts

  • Branding

  • Web Design Consulting

Applying the Brand

We produced some with a standard style cover and developed some new covers within brand guidelines to help showcase different topics. More recently, I’ve provided help to various European teams a well and have created both A4 and US letter sized documents, and infographics as well. I really enjoy these teams, the projects and am happy to be on design speed dial for these folks!