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The Background

After working with Cassie on the Synchronous Growth project, we hooked up again to give her logo a refresh. We wanted to keep true to the original concept but refine colors and fonts. In addition we wanted versions that would work as light and dark versions to give Cassie more flexibility when building social media posts or working on her own materials.

We explored some new concepts too, but ultimately landed on the design solution you see here.

  • Logo Design

  • Color Definition

The New Logo

The final logo has light, dark and full color versions.  The color scheme was derived from some exploration of bird symbolism and color sampling. I believe that logos which have personal meaning tell better visual stories. We are both so happy with the results!

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Cassie CrosbyFounder
“I enjoyed every part of the process of working with Barbara. I appreciate that she is willing to dig in and do some intellectual lifting to help her clients gain clarity around their brand and what they want their logo to represent. Barbara did an excellent job of coaching me through the process, asking some really tough questions, and providing validation, as needed. Her designs are all beautiful and meaningful and she really takes to heart the vision her client has for their design.”