An Invitation to Surrender

Possibly the most gorgeous webpage I’ve ever made.

The background

I’m so in love with this project. I’d been working with Kianga for some time on various components of this brand, leading up to the Invitation to Surrender retreat, taking place in Nov. 2022. What we needed to create was a compelling web page that told the story of the location, the experience and the transformation that can occur when living in surrender. It was equally important that our visuals and content spoke to the people we were trying to reach.

When I have a strong connection to the content and the work (and here I do, more than two years working and designing from this space) it often happens that the designs come together magically. Co-creating this page with Kianga was fluid and high energy at the same time. We needed to get this done quickly but without sacrificing beauty. I immersed myself in this project almost exclusively for a few days. I am in love with the results.

  • Art Direction

  • Web Design Services

  • Custom Graphcs

The Results

There are so many little details and so much love on this page. It might be the most beautiful page I’ve ever created. The unique icons I created, the color scheme, the visual tone, but also the titles, the way some of the page elements breath on full screen (still gorgeous on mobile).

If you are curious about what an Invitation to Surrender is, and what it may do for you, take a deeper dive. Hint: check out the guest facilitators. And be sure to follow @loveandfreedomeducation.