Brand Definition for Senior Level Quality Consultant


The Background

I was contacted by Dianna Deeney of Deeney Enterprises, LLC.  An early client for some simple graphics support, she reached back out for help with her visual brand story.

Dianna is an engineer with over 25 years of experience. She has earned certifications through the ASQ and is active in learning about the latest techniques in business and quality. She helps her clients better incorporate Quality into what they do. She offers practical advice and problem solving techniques that her clients can apply anywhere Quality is a factor or consideration.

She wanted to define her brand visuals and messaging as a first step in preparing online coursework. These courses will be in-depth and asynchronous and be useful for both individuals and organizations in any industry looking to implement Quality in their processes.

We explored initial imagery and colors to help create a consistent and easily recognizable brand for Deeney Enterprises. Designs needed to resonate with her “whiteboard” audience and tell her story and process in a simple, personal and compelling way. During our brand interview, Dianna thought of her own experiences tending and growing fruit trees and how this might e a useful metaphor to help people understand the importance of Quality early in a product design/development process.

  • Typography & Print Design

  • Branding

  • Custom Graphics

Defining the Brand

Dianna was a fabulous collaborator. Her ideas and insight and my designer spin resulted in a unique and memorable set of images, colors and icons that will let her stand out to her audience.

Branding for Deeney Enterprises, LLC includes images of clean workspaces, pruning and gardening metaphors to represent strategy and turquoise colored
citrus fruit to convey freshness and uniqueness. These “Unusual Fruits” become a metaphor for the end product most designers or project managers wish to
create; their special, unique design. These images will be supported by icons in brand colors and custom illustrations. The custom illustrations, when placed
with stock images, bridge the concepts of strategy, design and quality. The combination is a distinctive and memorable look.

Out of this initial brand work I created the brand guidelines booklet. This definition provides a visual framework for telling the Deeney Enterprises story on her website and in course materials.

“Talented designer who is responsive to feedback, working with a client to achieve great results. I got much-needed help with logos, business cards, brand guides, and assets for print and websites. I felt like a well-taken care of client.”

Dianna Deeney