Brand, Web and Logo Design


The Background

Catching up on projects from 2020 (the year that should remain nameless).

Yet another fabulous collaboration with SallyAnn Gray at Verve Digital Marketing providing art direction for her client Trish Ruggles of Pathfinder Consulting. Trish was planning a website update, including fresh content, messaging and visuals. SallyAnn was our project manager  and in addition to providing the fine-tuned and beautifully focused new content, also built the website.  Trish was really dug into the design process with us, had great ideas and inputs and was a great collaborator.

We worked through a visual board process to clearly define the visuals to be used on her new website. These images had to tell important brand stories for Pathfinder Consulting about therapeutic treatment options and the different paths a family can take before, during and after treatment.  We also took the opportunity to explore color options that might enhance the Pathfinder Consulting brand with a fresh logo.

  • Branding

  • Web Page Layouts

Pointing the Way

From the initial visuals definition process, I moved on to designing logo while SallyAnn continued to work through content with Trish.

Web Layouts and Results!

Finally, we dug into the web page layouts. I built them in Adobe XD and worked through a few revisions and visual challenges before we started translating it into the live site. SallyAnn was the developer on this project and she translated the design from the Adobe XD layouts onto the site fabulously. I especially love the custom icons. They remind me of trailblazes. Perfect signs for someone helping families find their way through treatment options. Trish is very happy with her new website and logo!

Go Team!

Learn more about my fabulous collaborator SallyAnn Gray of Verve Digital Marketing! She’s a marketing unicorn!