Exciting New Partnership!


The Background

The Synchronous Growth team reached out to me to help them develop a logo for their new venture. I worked with Karla in the past (KDT Business Strategies) and was so excited to partner with her and Cassie (Iterata Solutions). It was important that we tell the story about how the Synchronous Growth team helps entrepreneurs bridge the
gap between early success and commercialization to provide enduring stakeholder value.  The visuals needed to represent their process and attention to both Inner Game (people & purpose) and Outer Game (systems & processes).

Karla and Cassie had clear vision and we worked collaboratively through multiple concepts. Client participation is essential to my design process and this team truly engaged.  I feel so much excitement about the work they will be doing together to help early stage leaders become visionaries and builders.

  • Logo Design

  • Color Definition

The New Logo

The final logo works in black & white and full color, a requirement for this team.  I’m absolutely in love with the final color scheme. It is bold, energetic and also conveys a focused fierceness.  The team and I are over the moon about this new logo!

Founders who concurrently develop commercial, leadership, and decision-making skills at each level will most successfully market their innovative technologies.

Synchronous Growth℠ provides integrated commercial and leadership expertise to early-revenue, sustainability-focused manufacturers in the Northeast US, helping entrepreneurs achieve a synergy that maximizes growth, de-risks investment, and achieves financial objectives consistent with mission, vision, and values.

If you’d like to learn more about working with the Synchronous Growth team please visit their website.