Web Design Makeover & Collaboration

Easy and accessible TAI CHI for any age or ability level.

The Design Process

Arlette is a TAI CHI practitioner and instructor who enjoys bringing the benefits of TAI CHI to all kinds of people, regardless of age or physical ability. Arlette comes to TAI CHI from a lifetime of experience as a mother, a caregiver and a therapist, holding advanced degrees in music therapy and occupational therapy.

She had been trying to update her Wix website on her own for some time, but wasn’t getting the result she wanted. She reached out to me to get help. I had been looking for an opportunity to collaborate with Sharif Campbell and BuildReal215 and this felt like the perfect fit.

We met with Arlette to understand her vision for her website. I helped her work through content, so we had the right structure in place and then Sharif dug into the design. We went through a few rounds and revisions, paying particular attention to color and images so Arlette felt like it fit her.

We’re all very pleased with the results! Congrats to Arlette on her new website!

  • Art Direction

  • Web Design Services

  • Custom Graphcs


This was the first (of hopefully many) collaboration between Wild Blackberry Studio and BuildReal215!  We make a great team. I provided project management to keep us focused and some art direction and Sharif executed the design. I particularly love the treatment he came up with for the images throughout the site. They look finished, polished and as though they belong together. Good stuff!