Kids’ Program Information Sheets


The Background

Done Purple contacted me to help turn a complex data set into an easy to follow and graphically pleasing set of documents for their client the CLazyU Ranch. This is a well-established, high end brand and so I wanted to be sure that whatever design I created, it fit in seamlessly with the style I was seeing on their website.

They provided a spreadsheet with details, descriptions and timings for their three different kids’ programs, which take place at different times of the year. It was just a ton of information and complex, so before I even thought about the design, I looked for ways to combine related pieces of data and simplify by grouping them into themed subject areas like “When,” “Hours,” “Meals,” “Ages” and so on. Once I had the data organized I went to wire frames to lay the data in a clear and consistent format. Then, finally, I started to think about graphics.

  • Graphic Design Services

  • Information Heirarchy

  • Consistent Branding


I found rustic paper and wood textures for background elements and created stitched leather look headers for each section consistent with the brand. I developed a unique badge and color set for each program that Done Purple can incorporate into the web pages for those programs as well. The final result included three unique one page PDFs with consistent information and presentation. Done Purple’s client was thrilled and so was she. It was a unique and complex design challenge that we successfully navigated!

Feel the Love!

Barb is great at simplifying complicated information that even the client didn’t fully understand. My client is happy so I’m ecstatic. They even mentioned putting her on another project we have coming up.

Margaret Pickard, Done Purple