Website Makeover

Innovative Insurance Solutions

The Design Process

We’re just getting started with branding and visual updates for Crumdale Partners. We did a first round of PPT update which is often a useful brand definition exercise because we look at both the words and the visual story telling and begin to get a sense for the tone of the visuals. It was important that we carry over some design elements from the original brand. Continuity of tone, professionalism, reliability was a priority. We then dug into the actual website itself. We did multiple rounds of visual and thematic trails, collecting feedback and direction from various stakeholders in the leadership team.

With my CDP co-creator Jessica, refined and pushed the boundaries of the original design. Where we ultimately landed is a really powerful example of experimentation, staying curious and sticking with it.  We introduced a new “pop” color, some new curved design elements and a selection of graphics that include a custom color overlay, and where humans are in relationship with the Crumdale Partner’s logo.

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The client site is live and looks amazing. The Crumdale Partners leadership team was very happy with the result and so am I.   They continue to receive positive reviews from their community and site visitors. Congrats  on your new website!