Facet Life Sciences Web Design Update



I worked through a web redesign for long time client Facet Life Sciences along with B2B and pharma marketing expert, Monique Garrett from PrismWorks  and Erica Chase , digital marketing consultant. It’s such a great collaborative team! We have a weekly standing project call and together we come up with some solid marketing ideas and design directions. We worked through several concepts and client buying experience scenarios that I mocked up in Adobe Illustrator and where I introduced a new design aesthetic for the brand.

  • Layout Design Services

  • Graphics Prep

  • Web Page Design and Planning

  • Team Collaboration


The new imagery leveraged dry red rocky landscapes paired with the Gemstone product colors and blue outdoors images for the Services offerings. These images tie into the colors used in the logo and provide rich new textures that really help the site live and breathe. The client and marketing team loved these new images so much, we have carried it over into many new print and design pieces.

If you have a complex marketing project, where we can leverage their collective skills for a better result, you can bet I’m pulling them in!