New Website for The Vine Life


The Story

Phase 2 of the ongoing projects for The Vine Life company included getting a basic website up and ready for eCommerce. I selected rich, colorful, winery and lifestyle themed images, had a lot of fun with typography and product mock ups and worked with the client to refine their content. We also forecast some programs, products and future initiatives in the blog and on the coming soon page.

It was important that this page have proper security for future online shoppers, so we worked with the hosting company to get a proper SSL set up (minor but important steps!) I’m really proud of this client and their “take it slow and get it right” approach to both their products and their online presence.

  • Web Design Services

  • Content Development

  • Branding


There will be lots more coming soon including a tee shirt line and an influencers/rewards program.  Stay tuned! Limited edition first run Vine Life ball caps will be available on the site this summer.