Coaching Website Design and Visual Definition


The Story

I loved working on this lovely website with Chrysa. She’s passionate about her work and needed some help getting her new website to convey her passion for transformation.  Although she had begun work on the site, she pulled me in to help with some clarity around her brand visuals and to complete the final execution of the website. Chrysa was diligent about completing the “homework” she needed to do after our project calls and together we kept the project on track and finished ahead of schedule!

We worked through some visual stories that helped clarify colors sets, typography choices and the imagery she most wanted in place on her site. In addition, she had recently invested in some quality head shots which are always a great way to convey your professionalism when you are your brand.

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Chrysa was thrilled to have her new website looking just the way she wanted and to have it up and running in time to support business goals and marketing initiatives!

Barbara was a joy to work with, she was able to create my goals, dreams and visions in a web site that exceeded my expectations. There were clear, concise action steps to take after each call. Barbara would follow up with the high lights and details of our meeting, with a calm and reassuring tone to it. My experience was a delight. No pressure, no judgement… her kindness and encouragement was a bonus! Professional and relaxed, confident and creative, your dreams can come true, when you have wonderful people like Barbara on your team.

Chrysa McKelvey, Words Have Power - Coaching