Volunteer Service Worldwide


Round 1 logo concepts


Round 2 logo concepts
Round 2 logo concepts



After a recent trip overseas as part of a volunteer program, the Hairston Foundation founder was motivated to develop an international volunteerism support program  under the Foundation Umbrella. This program is called Volunteer Service Worldwide and needed some branding so it could stand alongside other programs like CADA and the New Phoenix Initiative.

We worked through several logo options and settled on this version that conveyed worlds within worlds. The concept tells the story that you can affect the larger world by working to make things better in your own world or sphere of influence.

We made sure the color scheme would work with the larger Hairston Foundation brand but also stands out with the use of purple to convey nobility of purpose.

  • Logo Design

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Color

  • Brochure Design

Once the branding was finalized, we developed a simple trifold brochure to help tell the program’s story. This design leverages the layout done for other programs in the Foundation. It is such a privilege to support the ongoing and evolving mission of this amazing organization.