Aperture CVO


The Project

I did the original website for Aperture and had been maintaining it in Dreamweaver. The client had a new need. They put out a monthly newsletter and wanted to be able to post them online too. Converting their site to WordPress was a no brainer. It would be easy to maintain and update and they could, if they preferred, manage their own newsletter posts and distribution. We got the site built in a dev directory and then published it out when it was ready. It was really important to Aperture that they keep the look and feel in line with the original. Oh, did I mention we had a tight deadline to get this done before the next issue? Well we got it done and I have been helping with the posts and lining up the graphics in their email marketing platform too.

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Brand Continuity
Web Design
Graphics & New Visual Assets


Converting to WordPress was the right choice for Aperture. They now have the security of a stable platform and the flexibility to add content and features as their needs change in the future. They also have a simple process for posting and sharing their monthly newsletter content. They also liked the subtle update to the look and feel that came with the conversion.