Mona Alley, RD, LD, NBC-HWC


Round 1 logo concepts


Round 2 logo concepts
Round 2 logo concepts



Mona came to me looking for a brand makeover and the creation of a website. We built on the things that she liked best about her existing apple and heart themed logo: the joyfulness, playfulness, and the idea that there is more to one’s relationship with food and health than rules about what to eat or not eat.  We aimed to design a new logo that helps her clients connect with her in an emotional and meaningful way. It was important to convey that, although she has tremendous experience and credentials in nutrition, she also takes an approach that hears and sees the whole, complex person that needs care and attention.

We worked through three concepts to make that happen and landed on a design that conveys the hope and growth she helps her clients achieve in their journey with food. Of the three options, Mona felt that the mosaic heart most conveyed her warm approach, her awareness of the complexity of the issues around health and wellness and her ability to help people fit the pieces together. We applied a warm, delicious color set to round out the brand.

  • Logo Design

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Color

  • WordPress

  • Web Design

The Website

With the logo and color set finalized, we turned to the web. Mona worked on her own content and we collaborated on defining the pages needed to tell her story and getting the details massaged into easy to follow layouts. Because it is built in WordPress, Mona can be in control of her own content, share resources and add services (and of course I’m here when she needs back up!).  I absolutely love the feeling of warmth and abundance achieved through the use of her color scheme throughout the site. I truly enjoyed collaborating with Mona and am in love with her new website!

Recipient of a 2019 Silver Davey Award.

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